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ALICE Collection



The Alice collection extols youth. It’s for those carefree moments in life when there is no greater day than today; five-year plans be damned! We enjoy these wines when we know the future to be long and bright.


2018 Estate Le Gras Rosé

Look at that color! As is generally our style, we like to take chances; push the envelope. We grow Malbec in Virginia, which few dare to do. And when one uses this inky-black grape for rosé you get this full-bodied rosé that combines fruit and spice. The nose is full of pomegranate, blueberry, and a hint of orange peel. Lower acidity allows the fruit flavors to engulf the palate; watermelon, strawberry, and a touch of spice.


2017 Estate Le Gras Cuve

Made of our best Vidal Blanc harvest in 2017, this bright white wine is aromatic and crisp. Floral and citrus on the nose. A bit of green apple tang on the front palate then succumbs to ripe stone fruit. The finish is pleasantly rounder than initial expected. This wine is ideal for spring salads and flaky white fish dishes. Or, enjoyed casually by itself on a warm day!