The Monster (wine) Under My Bed

As a follow up to our Destroying Wine Privilege post, a guide to starting a wine collection for the common person, it’s imperative to the mission that wine also be stored properly while we keep it. Of course, us average citizens don’t have a temperature and barometric-controlled wine cellar in which to pamper our prized possessions. So, what’s Joe-the-Plummer-Turned-Wine-Collector to do?

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Peter DimmickComment
Destroying Wine Privilege

As Rage Against the Machine told us, “we gotta take the power back!” Here Under the Silo, we fight the presumption that outstanding wine remains solely for the uber-rich. I’m going to give you a guide to starting a one-case, age-worthy wine collection to impress anyone from your oenophile father-in-law who still thinks you’re not good enough for his son/daughter, to your former college roommate who still drinks Franzia.

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Under the Silo

“The best thing to pair with Tannat is neither a red meat entrée nor a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, though both of those work, as well. It’s Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality album; preferably on vinyl, not the digitally remastered version for your iTunes. From its purple and black exterior, one prepares for an eerily sensual aggression. The darkness lures you in. You feel the thumping waves all the way through your chest. And yet, there is this jazzy juiciness that makes your spirit dance.

I’m talking about the wine and the music here. If you’ve been sticking to just food and wine pairings, you’re missing out. And, if wine seems like the thing you have to enjoy with Mozart, you are also missing out. And, if you believe metalheads can’t enjoy wine, then I guess I should give up my career.”

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